Whether you are a Builder, Architect or Reading and Billing Company (RBC), AMS is your partner for new construction sub-metering. From design and specification through buildout, meter setting, final inspection, placed-in-service reporting and initial data acquisition, AMS will meet your delivery and installation timelines.

Our team works with all of the major developers, builders and plumbing contractors throughout the U.S. on all types of multi-unit projects.

With custom designed and manufactured ‘meter setting’ components, we can reduce your plumbing costs and minimize the project timeline for meter setting.

As a fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured meter installation Contractor, AMS is the only FULL-SERVICE (hardware sales, meter installation, maintenance and recertification and meter reading) sub-metering company serving the entire country. Because we service what we sell and install, our integrity, from beginning to end, is what has made us successful.

What we do:

  • Our team works directly with project managers and superintendents to avoid any confusion.
  • We have a full inventory of meters, AMR systems, valves, spacers and couplings in stock to ensure your project is not delayed by supply-chain issues.
  • CA Weights and Measures (CA W&M) pre-certified meters are available to ensure California projects are always on time.
  • Meter setting is scheduled by our experienced and knowledgeable project management team, eliminating last-minute issues.
  • Meter Installation, Setting and Testing
  • AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) system installation and programming

Who we serve:

  • Home Owners Associations (Single Family, Townhomes, Condominiums and High-rises)
  • Apartment complexes
  • Commercial, Industrial and Institutions

Our promise:

  • We are a bonded, insured and licensed contractor.
  • All California installs meet CA W&M regulations and plumbing code.
  • We are a registered service agency with CA W&M and all other states.
  • All work is warrantied for 1 year.
  • AMS handles all hardware warranty issues directly with the manufacturer.
  • All of our employees have background checks.

Systems we work on:

  • Remote in-unit meter displays
  • Pulse (count based) metering systems
  • Encoder (two-way, absolute) metering systems
  • AMR (fixed-network, drive-by and touch-pad) metering systems
  • Hot and Cold water meters
  • Electric meters
  • Gas meters