AMS performs on-site (Manual, Drive-by and Touch-Pad) meter readings for clients nationwide. If you want to be sure your meters are read in the same timeframe, accurately, each and every month, AMS can add your community to the 400+ client sites currently being read.

Since accuracy is paramount in meter reading, any read that does not meet averaged parameters is double checked onsite, photo documented and manually annotated.

Perhaps you have a meter reading service, but you want to make sure they are actually doing their job? Or you want more detailed data on your meters (brand, size, location, manufacture date, etcetera)? AMS can perform a one-time audit for you, with customized depth of detail and photo documentation upon request.

AMS offers on-site reading services for as few as 2 meters and as many as 10’s of thousands per location, anywhere in the USA.

Our service:

  • All AMS meter readers are also trained and licensed Meter Service Agents.
  • Meter Reads are submitted in an Excel spreadsheet, making them easy to import into your billing application.
  • Meter Readers wear AMS uniforms, are trained to interact with customers in a courteous manner and leave every site in as good or better condition than we found it.
  • All vehicles have AMS markings.
  • We are fully bonded, licensed and insured.
  • All our employees are background checked.